Are you Getting Enough Traffic to your Blog?
If not then Do you want to Promote your Blog Post to Increase your Blog Traffic if yes then Continue Reading this Post.
Promote your Blog Post

Let’s Start Almost Every Blogger Knows Traffic is Everything for any Blog to make a Blog Successful and Popular. well, many Bloggers Do not get Enough Traffic from Search Engines and many of them don,t Know how to Promote their Blog posts to start Getting  Traffic on Their Blogs without Search Engines.

So Today in This Post I am Sharing almost every Top way which helps me to Get Good Traffic on my new ost.

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Always Keep in Mind: Promotion is More Important Then Creating New Content if you Give 2 Hours to Creating Content then you Should Give at least 8 Hours to Promoting your Content.

Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!
P. T. Barnum

17 Killer Ways to Promote your Blog Post

(1) Guest Blogging

Increase Your Blog Traffic
Guest Blogging is one of the Best Ways to Drive Huge Traffic on your Blog and Even Almost Every Top Blogger Do Guests to Drive More Traffic on Their Blog and Increase Their own Popularity Co-founder Writes 150 Guest posts in the First 9 Months to Make Buffer Popular and Now Buffer is One of the Most Popular tools to Schedule your Social Media Posts and with Some More Feature.
Recommended Tips for Guest Blogging: 
  • Choose Related Niche Blog
  • Highly Reputable with High Traffic Blog
  • Write Awesome Post For Guest Post Because it will Help to Steal Their Blog Readers on your Blog.
  • Ask for 2 Links in Article one in Author Bio and the Second in Article Body it will Help to Drive more Traffic.

(2) Social Media

Social Media is also a well Known way to Get Good Traffic Many Bloggers  Don,t have a Good Social Media Fan Following So They Don,t get Traffic from There but maybe you Know Not if you Don,t Have Fan Following then you Should Share your Content Strategically.

Most Popular Social media Sites:,,

Recommended Tips:
  • Don,t Spam: Many Bloggers Don,t Know That Sharing the Same Post again and Again in Groups is a Part of Spamming on Some Social Media Sites Like Facebook and Google Plus.
  • Choose Attractive Images it will Help to Get More Likes on Your Posts.
  • Make your Site Page on Popular Social Media Sites.
  • Ask your Friends to Share your Post on Their Profiles and yes it will help a lot to get more traffic.

(3) Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking Sites are also Similar to Social Media But in Social Bookmarking Sites we Share Our Post Links and Totally Depends on Up votes and Down votes if we get a Good Amount of Up Votes Then Our Post Traffic will Just Blast.
Recommended Tips: 
  • They Hate Spamming: In Social Bookmarking, there is no Compromise with Spamming.
  • Also, Share Others Content: They Hate Those Users who Use their Sites for Self Promotion.
  • Comments on Other Posts will help you to Increase your Karma which will help your Post to Get higher Visibility.

(4) Link Influencers in your Post

Link Influencers Posts in your Post and Then Send them an Email to Give a Heads up and Just For Informing them that you Link to Their Blog posts and Request Them to Checkout Your posts and Give Them Thought in the Comments.
Here are Tips for Sending emails to Influencers to Increase the Chance of Link Back or Social Shares
  • Don,t Ask For Link Back or Share your Post
  • Must Give Them a Head,s Up about that Post your link in your Post.
  • Ask for Their Thought about your Post.

(5) Join Communities

Communities Can Help a lot if you Choose the Right Community for Your Blog Promotion also Communities are the Best Place to Build Connections with Other Bloggers Maybe you know that  Building connections with Top Bloggers is very Necessary to Make your Blog Popular.
Few Good Communities: These are Good for These Niches Marketing, SEO, Blogging
  • Blog engagement is not Free But it can drive huge Quality Traffic to your Blog This is a Great Community without Spam Users.

(6) Use Interesting Images

Maybe you are thinking why I am Saying to Use Interesting Images Because Images are not Going to Get Traffic to your Blog But you are Wrong you Can Increase your Traffic from Social Media by Around 200% Just By Using good and Interesting Images and Not Only This Peoples also Attracts with Those Blog which has Unique and Good Images.
Tips to Use Images
  • Choose Unique Images and Don,t Choose Those Images which are already Available on many Blogs.
  • Add at least two Images Per Post.
  • Use Jpeg or Png Format Images Because almost every Browser Support These Images

(7) Just Retweet is a Tool that Helps to get Tweets From your Blog Niche Popular Accounts by Just Doing Work of fewer than 5 Minutes you just have to Do is First Earn Some Points by Sharing and Liking Others Content and Then Use Those Points to Share your Content.

Few Tips for Using Just Retweet:
  • First of all, Login into your Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts, and Then in Just Retweet, there will be a Like Button and a +1 Button Click on Both of Them to Earn Double the Amount with Every Post.
  • While Sharing your Content Only allows Twitter Retweet Button and there will be an option to Set Followers So Set at least 2000.
  • Offer Good Points For Sharing your Post but not So High 30 to 40 Points will be Great.

(8) Internal Linking

Internal Linking is Not a way to Get Traffic But it Can help a lot to Increase your Blog Page views by Keeping your Visitors for a Long Time and it will also Increase The Traffic of your Old posts which are now Not Getting Traffic.
Tips for Internal Linking:
  • Link at least 2 Post in Every 500 Words
  • Only Link Those Posts Which are Related to That Post.
  • Don,t Link More than 4 Links in 500 Words
  • Keep the Links on a Some Distance.

(9) Forums

Forums are another Good way to Drive Some Reasonable Traffic But Driving Traffic from Forums is not an Easy Task. You have to Give Some Valuable Comments Which Help Users Like you Shared Comments Like (agree with you, I learned a lot from this Tread) then No One is Going to Click on your Links Because you are not Providing the Value to Users you Have to Make a Valuable Comments.
Some Tips to Use Forums:
  • Add a Signature to your Comments
  • Try to Make a Detailed and valuable Comment
  • Start your Own New Thread by asking Something.
  • Try to Comment First in Treads.

(10) Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is Similar to Using Forums but There are Some Different Rules Blog Commenting is Very Easy But Getting Traffic From your Comments is not Easy you have to Use a Good Strategy to start Getting moreTraffic from Comments.
There are Some Tips to Use While Commenting:
  • Give your Original Thought about the Post
  • Make your Comments in Top Don,t Comment on that blog post that has already got 10+ Comments
  • Make a Comment on High Traffic Blogs
  • Make your Comment a Little bit Long and Valuable.

(11) Build Email List

Building a Good Amount of Email List is the Only Method to Keep your Blog Rocking For a Long Time Because when anyone Subscribe to your Blog Then Sometimes they Forget to come on your Blog But When you Publish a New Post they get a Mail and they click on it and Read The Post So it,s highly Recommended to Build Email List.
Tips for Getting Subscribers: 
  • Add a Subscription Box in Sidebar.
  • Add a Time Popup in your Blog.
  • Make your Blog Homepage with a Subscription Box.

(12) Question Answers Sites

Question Answers are also Like Using Forums but the Only Different is in Forums usually you Give your Thought and Sometimes also Answer the Question but in Que and Ans Sites there will be the Only Question you Just Have to Answer.
Some Most Popular Question Answer Sites which can help you to Drive Traffic:

(13) Add Social Sharing Buttons

By Social Sharing Buttons Below your Post, it will help you to Share your Content Easily and You will Get More Social Shares on Your Post Remember No One wants to Share Those Sites Content Which Don,t Social Sharing Buttons.
2 Effective Places to Add Social Sharing Buttons
  • Below The Post: Add Social Button at the End of the Post works Great.
  • Add Floating Social Bar: yes,s also very Attractive.

(14) Create Infographics and Promote it

It,s One Of the Smartest ways for Getting Thousands of Visitor to Your Blog you have to do is Just to Create Awesome Infographics and Share them On your Own Site and also Go to Other Related niche Sites and Ask them to Publish your Infographics on their Site and Give the Link to Your Site.
Best Sites For Creating Infographics for Free:

(15) RSS Directories

Submit your Blog RSS Feed to RSS Directories Will Help you a lot in Getting Some Traffic and Most Important Thing is you are Getting Good Backlinks Automatically when you Publish a New Post yes these Backlinks are not Much Helpful But These can help a little bit in Increasing your Search Engines Ranking.
Some Great RSS Directories:

(16) Send Email to Related Topic Blogs

Send Email to Those Who Have Created the Same Topic Content on Their Blog Recently Like I am Sharing Tips to Increase Blog Traffic then I will Search for Those Blog who has also Shared Blog Traffic Tips Recently and Then I will Contact them and Give a Heads up about their Post and then Ask them to Checkout my Post and Give Their Thoughts.
Trust me, it works Great in Increasing Traffic and Making a Good Connection with Those Bloggers.

(17) Turn your Content into a Video

Like if you Write an Article on Graphic Designing Then also Make a Video about it. I Have not Tried this But it will work great and it will help a lot in Getting a Totally New Audience to Your Blog by Sharing your Video on Video Sharing Sites Like, or

Tips for Creating Video:

  • Make your Video Short 4 to 8-minute video will be Perfect
  • Make Video Like a Professional
  • Start with the Main Point.

Final Words

These Methods will help a lot to Promote your Blog Post and Increase the Traffic to your Blog as these methods work great for me and will work for you So must give it a Try.
If you Know any Other Methods to Promote a Blog Post that gives Results then Please share them in a Comment I will Love to Know about them.
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