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Content Marketing has become Very Popular and Every Blogger and Marketer Do it to Make their Content Like Blog Post, Products, or Videos go Viral on the Web.

But Some Peoples Fail to do Content Marketing Properly that’s why they don’t get Good Results many of them get Frustrated because after working so hard are not Getting Good Results.

But do you know what Top Bloggers are doing to do Effective Content Marketing? They use Multiples tools to Make their Marketing Easy, Simple, and Better.

And by using the Right tools they Get Awesome Results. Do you also want the Same Result? Oh! how stupid am I Of-Course you do.

So here are Top Content Marketing Tools to Give you the Same Result the Pro Bloggers and Marketers are Getting.

23 Best Tools for Content Marketing

                         Tools for Content Discovery & Ideas

(1) Buzzsumo

If you want to Discover Content Ideas then I Would say Buzzsumo is the Best It,s help you to Find the Most Shared Post Which Goes Viral in the Past Few Months.
And you will find some Super Attractive Post titles you can use as Your Blog Post Title But make a few Changes in the Post Title to make it Unique.
Attractive Title + Unique Title = Awesome Titles 🙂

(2) Quora

Quora is a Question Answer Site But you can also use Quora to Discover what kind of Content People Are Searching For.
Because Quora is One of the Best Professionals communities So there are a lot of threads for Every Niche.
yes, there is a lot,s of more Popular Question Answer sites like Yahoo Answers but trust me Quora is the Best Site for Finding New Ideas that Peoples will like.

(3) All Top

All Top is an RSS Feed Directory maybe you are thinking why I am Sharing an RSS Feed Directory for Finding New Content Ideas.
but All top is Different Even many top bloggers are also Using it to Find New Ideas Because all top has a Page where it shows the Trending Posts.
Example Image
All Top
So as you can see in the above images,s of Recent Popular Post Titles by Many Blogs you have to Just Select your Blog Topic Section and you will get hundreds of new ideas.

(4) Feedly

Feedly is also like All Top But in a Bigger Size, Feedly has a 7 Million Site RSS Feed So Obviously you will be able to find more Ideas.
Must try it I am sure you will get Some Interesting Ideas that will make your Blog Audience Happy and of-Course you too by giving Good Results 🙂

(5) Reddit

Reddit is a Very Popular Social Bookmarking Site even Reddit calls itself the Homepage of the Internet.
you can also use it to Discover ideas when there is an Ideas block that happens with every Single Blogger.

                     Tools for Content Creation & Optimization

(6) KwFinder

KwFinder is an Awesome Tool for Find Good Keywords it Shows Everything about your Keyword Like Competition, CPC, PPC
And the most important thing is that KwFinder is available for Free and it,s One of the Best Free Tools I Have Ever Used for Keyword Research.
It also shows the Top 10 Google Results which are Ranked for that keyword and shows how Powerful These sites are by Finding the Power of those sites we can Easily Understand whether we Can Rank for that Keyword or not.
Must Give this a Try.

(7) Pixabay

Pixabay is the Best Site for getting Awesome Stock Images for Free and there are a lot of Beautiful Stock Images for almost every Niche.
Remember Images Play a big Role when it Comes to Impress your Blog/Site Audience & to make them Start loving your Site So Chose Images Wisely and Pixabay is Best for Images.

(8) Visually

Visually is a Site that helps you to Create good Looking Infographics Easily by Using Designer templates for Free.
According to Neil, Patel Infographics get More Links than Text Content, and Infographics are best for SEO.

(9) Compress PNG

Compress PNG is a great tool to Compress the Size of your PNG Images without losing the Image quality Compress PNG has another Site to Compress Jpeg Images.
It will make your Blog Load Faster by Decreasing the Size of the Image which will Increase your Site Conversation.

(10) Wordy

Wordy shows the Content’s Human Readability Score and shows the Suggestion to Improve Your Writing Score by Using Bold and Attractive Words.

                                      Tools for Writing


(11) Grammarly

Grammarly is a Superb Tool and by installing Grammarly Extension in your Web browser, you can See your Grammar Mistakes, Sentence mistakes E.t.c
and it has Free and Paid versions free users can only use Browser Extensions But Paid Users can also use their More tools by logging on to their Sites.

(12) Quabel

Kabel is App that helps you write Better It,s gets Installed in your Web Browser and is Specially Made for Passionate Bloggers and Writers.

(13) Pocket

Pocket helps Bloggers to Save your Most Likely Topic in your Browser Pocket Extension.
Like you visited a Content you Find it Awesome and but Currently you don’t have time to read it and you Bookmark it in your Pocket Extension then you Read it anytime you want Read.
Yes now you may be thinking why use Pocket we can bookmark in our web browser too but well Pocket allows you to access your Bookmarks anywhere anytime by Signing in to your Pocket Account from any Computer.

                       Tools for Marketing and Distribution

(14) Buffer

Buffer helps us Schedule Our Social Media Posts and Shows the Perfect time you Should Publish on your Social Profile to get Better Results Like More Shares, Retweets, Likes, +1s
And also, Save lots of time and even makes it Easy to Handle your Multiple Social Profiles.

(15) Mailchimp

Mailchimp is Best Free Email Marketing Tool I have ever seen,s Free Version allows us up to 1000 Subscribers and the Email Templates are also Superb and well Designed and you can also create your Own Unique Subscription Form Easily.
So I would say you Should give it a Try to Mailchimp.

(16) AddmeFast

Addmefast is a Social Media Tool that helps to get more Retweets, Fb Page Likes, Post Likes, YouTube subscribers, Twitter Followers, and Many More.

You Can use it to get hundreds of Retweets on your Tweets and can Get 100s of Fb Shares.

This Tool is Free So don’t you think it,s an Amazing Tool.

(17) PRWeb

PRWeb is a Syndication Platform that allows you to send your Articles to Thousands of Journalists for Press Releases and More than Half a Million News Subscribers.

This is an Awesome Site and has Many Tools which help to create a Press Release and Distribute your Content.


Tweriod is a Twitter Tool to Find the Best Times to Make your tweets to Get More Engagement on Twitter by Connecting your Buffer account with Tweriod you can also Schedule your Tweets without losing that Platform

                                        Tools for Analytics

(19) Google Analytics tool

Google Analytics is the best tool to analyze which Referral Traffic has a Less Bounce Rate and a higher Average Duration time on your Pages it will help Focus on the Right Platform to get the Best Results.
and by Analyzing the data, you can see which pages have a higher Bounce Rate and you can then Rewrite them to Solve that Issue.

(20) Crowdbooster

Crowdbooster is Social Media Analytic Tool to Measure your Social Media Marketing it shows you real-time data to take action to get amazing results and also Shows you the Best Time to Post on Social Media Like Buffer.
It,s one of the excellent Social Media Analytic Tools.

(21) KISSmetrics

Kissmetrics is also an Analytic Tool like Google Analytics tool According to Many Bloggers, Kissmetrics shows exactly what you should do to improve your Site Conversation & Traffic.
I have never used it but heard a lot about this tool.

(22) Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a very Popular Analytic Tool it tells you  Everything in Detail you need to know to increase your Site’s Organic Traffic by Analyzing and Improving your data.
As this Tool is Provided by Moz a Company by Rand Fishkin, a Known SEO Expert, you can trust the data you get from Moz Pro.

(23) Ahrefs

Thread is a Backlink Analyzing & Site Explorer Tool and Ahreaf is the Most Popular because of its great Backlinks Analyzing yes,s best and shows your Site accurate Backlink data so you can analyze which type of your Site Content Gets the Most Links and then you can Create More Article like that to Get more Links.
Ahref has Recently added Some more Awesome Tools check them out.

Final Words

These are the Best Content Marketing Tools I like the most to Increase traffic, Write in a Better way, Analyze the data, Discover Ideas, and many more things.

Which are Your Favorite Tools For Content Marketing?

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