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You can find a lot of articles about WordPress security and how to protect your blog, but most of them seem to say the same things. You are to keep good passwords, keep your computer safe, and try to make sure that you are not giving away any details of your blog. That is all fine and necessary, but there is more to WordPress security than that. And with the increasing prevalence of cybercrime in our world, you need every advantage you can get a hold of.

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5 lesser-known tips about WordPress Security

VPN and Public Networks

A tool that has become more popular in recent years yet you might not have heard of yet is a Virtual Private Network. It is a service that will allow your computer or smartphone to connect to an offsite secure server, masking its IP address and protecting it on risky public networks. These things are important because as your blog grows more popular you need to be able to fend off attacks that will exploit your IP address. You also should know that hackers can easily intercept data, such as your blog’s login info or financial data if you ever use a public network without some form of protection.
With this in consideration, a VPN is certainly worth the monthly price you pay for it. The next difficulty lies in picking out the best one for you. There are quite a few out there, and you need one that will not slow down your connection, have a lot of servers available, and have your security as their top priority. A review of a top-tier VPN by websites, such as Secure Thoughts or VPN Hook, might be the best thing to teach you what to look for.

Smartphone Security Matters

Smartphone Security
If you are a serious blogger, then it is likely that your blog is somehow linked to your smartphone as well. Luckily, smartphones have a higher level of security to them since most viruses are targeting operating systems for desktops and laptops, but malware for smartphones is becoming more common and can cripple a phone and potentially steal your blog login info.
As a general rule, any browsing or usage tips you use on your computer should be done on your smartphone as well. It should also be noted that for the security of your smartphone you should research any apps you use that connect to the internet often to see if they are more or less secure than using the browser on your phone. It may be convenient to just download something, but don’t let short-term convenience turn into a long-term headache.

WP Security Scan

While many tools and apps can be suspect when it comes to your security, a popular and safe tool many WordPress users utilize is WP Security Scan, which will take an overview of your site and then highlight security holes that you might have so that you can fix them. This tool puts you on somewhat even footing with most hackers who like to prey on blogs or malware that will try to worm its way onto your site.
It should be noted that it is free, and should you ever worry, you can delete it just like anything else. It leaves you in full control of your blog, even though it will make suggestions to properly secure it. It will also hide the WordPress version you’re using and other information not essential to your readers but incredibly useful to cybercriminals.

Updating Your WordPress Version

As just mentioned, an important thing about the WordPress platform itself is that there are different versions of it, all more advanced in their defenses than the last. While most blogs are usually relatively up to date, others might not update their blogs for fear of change or something happening to your website. If you want to check right now, you can look at the bottom right part of your admin panel.
You need to check this to see what version it is and then update it as soon as you can. The older versions aren’t as well supported and aren’t updated as often, so there are more security holes accessible to hackers who will take advantage of them. Updating your site doesn’t take too long, and it will only get more difficult for you if you wait until your several versions behind; make an effort to update your blog as soon as you possibly can.

Backup Plans

Backup Plan WP Security
No matter how secure you think your computer and WordPress site is, something can and something eventually will happen that will compromise your site. The goal then becomes figuring out how to backup all of your data and getting your website back quickly. You need to decide whether cloud storage or physical storage would be best for you.
Cloud storage is a relatively new technology that is still trying to figure out how to best secure itself from hackers and other online threats. This being the case, there are still multiple major breaches every year of what is touted as the “best” cloud services. For anyone who is trying to keep sensitive documents, subscriber lists, and other important WordPress data safe, it is unacceptable. On the other hand, it is cheap (if not free), and it is great for storing photos and documents already on the site and on display to the world in the first place.
Physical storage solutions are indisputably the better choice when it comes to security, but if you have a lot of data to store, it can get a little expensive. The best option is to find a good cloud service for all of your non-sensitive files and then get a large flash drive that you can lock away for everything else. Once you get it, try to make it a habit to back everything up once a week or more often than that if you post a great deal of content; otherwise having a backup in the first place will be useless.
There are a lot of security solutions out there and don’t think for a moment that this listing is comprehensive. You should always be on the lookout for new tools and always be willing to throw out things that have become obsolete. Do so, and you won’t have to worry about the problems of a compromised blog anytime soon.

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