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As many of you know that every Popular Blog Like Mashable is Updating Their Blog Regularly and Mashable is the Best Blog and Top Blog in The World So Many of Our Readers ask Me if Updating a Blog Regularly can Increase Search Engine Ranking So I decided to write an Article about Updating Blog Regularly So Today in this tutorial I will tell you Top 5 Major Benefits of Updating your Blog Regularly 
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5 Major Benefits of Updating Blog/Website Regularly

(1) Search Engine Ranking

Search Engines Love Those Blog that Update Every Day with Fresh Content and Give them an Extra Boost In Their Search Ranking But Always Remember Search Engines Hate Low-Quality Content So Also Focus on Quality Not Only Quantity and Always Remember Search Engine are Key to Success 

(2) More Subscribers

People will More Interested in your Blog and They will Subscribe your Blog and Subscribers are who loves your Blog and they will Read All your new Posts which you will Submit in your Blog Like I Subscribe to your Blog and then You have to Submit a Post in your Blog and Then I Will Get Email that you have Posted a New Post and I will See your Post So Subscribers are Great way to Make your Blog Popular and Get more Comments in Your Post

(3) Increase Domain and Page Authority Fast

Your Blog Domain Authority and Page Authority will Increase very Fast and Domain Authority will Also Increase Search Engine Ranking and you will Get more high Paying Advertising Offers on Your Blog Because Advertisers Love High (DA) Blogs.

(4) Indexing Fast

The search engine will Index your new Post in Less Than 30 Minutes and also Index your all Old Posts I am Sure you will See a big Difference in Blog Traffic and you will be Shock by Seeing High Traffic But maybe your Post will not be indexed Fast in Bing and Yahoo but Google will index it in less than 30 Minutes

(5) Make more Money with Blog

As I have already Said That you will Get More Advertisers than you Can Advertise High paying Advertisers Ads in your Blog and They will Give you Good money if you want to Use Adsense for Earning then Apply for Premium Adsense account to increase your Earning

Final Words

These are 5 Major Factors of Updating your Blog Regularly and I Hope this Post is Helpful for you So try to Write at Least One Post Daily.
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