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Backlinks are a great way to Get a High Ranking in Search Engines and make your Blog Popular on the whole internet There are Two types of Backlinks one is Do-follow Backlinks and Second is No-follow These Both types of links are Totally Different let’s See what is The Difference Between Do-follow and No-follow Links.

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Always Remember that No-follow Links will not Increase your Search Engine Ranking Because these Links Don,t Pass Page Rank juice to Search Engines but are good for Get Traffic with your Links and Do-follow Links are which Links Pass Page Rank juice of Other Sites and Force Search Engines to index your Page and to Increase Their Rank in Search Engines

So Always try to Get Do-follow Links and Also Don,t Build Links on those sites Which are Penalized by Google Algorithms Because Links also can harm your Search Engine ranking So Only Build High-Quality Backlinks.

6 Best Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks

(1)  Guest Post

Guest Post is a great way to Get Super High-Quality do-follow Backlinks and these links are Super Powerful with every Guest post you will get two or more Than two Do-follow Backlinks and These links can Increase your Ranking in very Less time one more Benefit is You will also Get huge Traffic on your Blog and Blog Followers will Increase.

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(2) Blog Commenting

Comments on Other Blog is Also a Very Effective Way to Get Links and you can Easily Make These Links by Commenting but Don,t Leave Comment like Nice Post, Great Post, or E.t.c Type a Value able Comment after Reading the Whole Article and then Comment That way your Connection will also Increase With Other Bloggers and They will more likely to visit your blog and try to Comment on High Traffic Blog.

(3) Forums

Forums are also Like Commenting. and in Forum also Signature Link with your Replies and Also Start a New Topic about your New Posts in Forum to Get a high amount of clicks on your Blog Links and also be Active on Other Topic Not Only your Topic which you Created this will build Your new Followers.

(4) Social Bookmarking Sites

Many Social bookmarking Sites give Do-follow Links and as we Know Popular Social Booking Sites Traffic is Like Social Media Sites So Don,t Avoid this because it can generate Huge clicks on your Blog Some Popular Social Bookmarking Sites are (RedditStumbleupon, and Digg) and many more.

(5) Social Media

Social Media Sites Do Not Give us Do-follow Links But Google Has Recently Announced That Social Signal is Very Important and they can Increase ranking in Search Engines These Links will Count as backlinks so Don,t Think about No-follow in Social Media Sites Because these sites are Still Powerful and This is a Good for us Because in These Days more than 95% Percent Peoples Use Social media Sites Like (FacebookGoogle PlusTwitter) and Many More

(6)  Question Answer Sites

Question Answer Sites are a good way to Get Backlinks and Drive huge traffic to your Blog and it,s the Easiest way to Build Quality Links Most Popular Sites for Question Answers are (Yahoo AnswersAsk.com) and a Few More Just make an Account on these Sites and Start Answering Questions It,s Like a Forums But Here you can get more traffic and it,s very easy if you are good in your Blog Niche.

Final Words

These are all the Top 6 Best Ways to Get high-Quality Backlinks I Think Every Blogger Should Know These ways and these are only a few but Best and Easy ways to get backlinks and I hope it will help you to Create Links for your Blog/sites.

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