hey guys, as we Know SEO has changed a lot, in the Past Few Months but One Thing Does not Change which is Backlinks Many Peoples Create Allots of Backlinks to Get Higher Ranking in Search Engines But After Creating Backlinks they fail to Find How many Links they Have Created So Today in This Post I am going to share 7 Best Free Backlinks Checker Tools 
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Why you should use the Backlink Checker Tool?

Backlinks Checker Tools can help you to find how many Backlinks your site has and how you can get more links by analyzing your competitor’s backlinks data.

Competitors’ backlinks data is one of the easiest ways to get some natural links to help your site’s search engine ranking.

Some Backlink checkers can also tell you which links are helping your competitors to rank higher in search engines so after analyzing their backlink data. contact those blog owners and tell them that you have also created a related article.  But don’t ask for links just request them to have a look at your article.

So now let’s check out these free online backlink checker tools.

7 Best Free Backlinks Checker Tools

1: Open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler is a Great Online Backlinks Checker Tool It,s Completely Free and Better Than any other Free tool Its Show Links Link Influence Score Means we Can find which Backlinks are helping our Site/blog to Get a Higher Ranking.

Usually, more Than 40 Lis is a Good Score to Boost Ranking and you can also find your Competitor Backlinks This is my Favorite Tool and is also Recommended for you 🙂

2: Ahrefs

It,s Also an Awesome tool for Check Backlinks, and in my List, it,s in 2nd Place Because it,s Not Completely free it,s Allow us Only to Check Backlinks Once a Day otherwise, it,s one of the Best Tool which Used by Popular Marketers Like Neil Patel, Brain Dean and Harsh Agarwal and Many others.

3: Moz

Moz is 3rd Best Backlinks Checker Tool and it will also show you Blog Domain Authority and Page Authority and also Trusted by Search Engines Like If you see Your links Here then,s mean Search Engines Know About your These Links Because it Only Shows Those Backlinks Which are Active and Getting Clicks So it,s excellent tool

4: Semrush

Semrush is the Best Tool to Get all Backlinks Data in This Tool, you can Compare your site Links with your Competitor’s Links this Tool is a favorite of many Top Popular Bloggers There is One Difficulty this tool is not for Free so you can use it,s Trail Version for Free

5: Majestic

Majestic is the 4th Great free Backlink Checker Tool and It shows us How many Links we Have how many do-follows and how many No-follow and Shows Referring Domain Links Power and Many More Things.

6: Rank Signal

Rank Signal is the 5th Best Free BackLink Checker tool and will Show you Links with Anchor text and Show your Removed links from Blog Rank Signal also Show Traffic rank According to Alexa.

7: Backlink watch

Backlinks watch is Another Good Tool But Not Recommended for New Blog Because it Show Backlinks Late like more than 30 days Old Links but good for old Blogs.

Final Words

These are the best Backlink Checker Tools to help to Find your and Your Competitor’s Backlinks for Free and Hope This Post Helps you and you will Backlink Checker of your Choice 🙂
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