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Maybe you know now in these Days many Popular Sites are using Infographics in their Blog posts but did you know why they are using Infographics?
Maybe not because you don,t know how Good are Infographics for SEO and also for Engagement So in This Post I am Going to Share the Top 7 Reasons why Infographics are Best for SEO.
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How to Create Great Infographics in Free

In 2013 Making Infographics Free was Really Hard Because in those Days no website Was available to Create Infographics for free But Now it,s not difficult Because Now many Sites are available which are Offering Free Infographics Template you have Just Pick an item and Drop in Infographics so it will be Easy maybe not too easy in First time.
Best Site for Creating Infographics

7 Reasons why Infographics are Best for SEO 

Attract Users Attention

Infographics attract user attention because Infographics look good Beautiful and are Easy to read so Peoples get more attention to Infographics Even according to Research Good Infographics Get 70% More Traffic then Text posts.

User Engagement

According to Many Bloggers Post which have Infographics Get 40% More Comments mean,s more People are Engaging with your Post This is a very Powerful Signal to Search Engines that you have Quality Content and will Easily increase Search Engines Ranking.

More Social Shares

Peoples Love to Share those Post which has multiple Images or Infographics so you will get Higher Social Shares on your Post High Social Shares mean high Referral traffic.
For example, you go to a Site that has Only Text and Then you go to another Site that has Text + Images or Infographics which Post you like to share when it comes,s to me I like to Share Those Post which has Text +Images

Easy to Understand

Infographics help your Readers to Understand your Content in a better way According to Research Average visitor reads Less than 20% of Text on Longer Post but they Read Infographics more than 80% is not amazing and make your visitors your Permanent Readers.

Less Bounce Rate

As I already Says Infographics Attract User attention so People stay longer on your Blog,s mean your Blog Bounce Rate will Decrease which will also increase your Blog Ranking in Search engines 


if you Publish Awesome Infographics and allow your Readers to Embed them into their Blog Then you will defiantly get Some High-Quality Backlinks to your Blog and also you will Get Great Traffic from Embedded Infographics many Popular Sites are Using This Method to get Tons of Backlinks you can see Example: In this Blog Every Post have InfoGraphics and Every Post Get More than 100 Quality Backlinks.

Make your Post Viral

A Good Design of Infographics helps to Make your Post go Viral you are Getting Ton,s of Social Shares and Getting a lot,s of Backlinks So it will be Easy for That Post to go viral on the Web

Final Words

So if you are Good at Designing Infographics then Don,t be Late Because it will help your blog to Get Success so it,s your Time to Achieve your Goals and Feel Success working Hard is Good but working Smartly is Awesome.
So now what do you think about Infographics Give your Thoughts in the Comments I will Love to See Them.
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