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Are you Building Links?

If you are then how much your links are impacting your Search Ranking.

Hmm… Now you are Confused Because your Links are not Helping your Site Search Ranking.


But don,t worry because in this Post I am Going to Share A Proper way of Link Building that Gives Results.

Before we Start you should Know that few Quality Links are Better than Thousands of Low-Quality Links.

when it Comes to Link Building Never Focus on Quantity Because it,s not 2011 that your Quantity of links will be counted to Increase Search Ranking.

Links not Helping your Ranking

Impact of Different Types of Backlinks on Search Engines

Note: Points in Blue are Those which Increase Search Ranking and Other Red Which Decrease/Penalize or Don,t have any impact on Search Ranking.
  1. Natural Links: Natural Links are the Best and have the Highest Power only Natural links can make your blog Post in Top in Search Results These are those links that are Placed in The Article Body.
  2. Comment Links: Building Links via Comments is Very Popular Remember Mostly Comments are No-follow and they did not impact Search Ranking but there are a Few Comment Systems that are Still Do-follow and Can help your Site a lot like Intense-debate and Comment Luv. 
  3. Forum Links: Google does not give Much Value to Forum links but they Still have Little Impact.
  4. Author Bio Links: According to Google’s Latest Updates Author Bio Links are Not Helpful for SEO But According to Top Blogger’s Research These Links Still have Good Impact Especially from WordPress Blogs.
  5. Profile Links: These Links don,t Impact Because almost all are with a No-follow tag. Profiles Links Exits in your Site Social Media or any Other Profile.
  6. Sidebar Links: Side Bar Links Can Penalize your Blog
  7. Footer Links:   Same Like Sidebar Links
  8. Purchased Links: Purchasing Links is Big no From Google So Never Buy Links Because these Links can Destroy your Site Ranking and even can cause a Penalty.
  9. Reciprocal Links: These Links are Mostly Used by Site Link Submission Directories and are Count as Suspected So Don,t Take or Give Reciprocal Link to any Site.
So if you are Building Links with Blue Points and Still your Ranking is Not Increasing Then Follow the Below Rules.

Why your Links not Helping your Search Ranking

(1) Links are with No-follow Tag ( Not Do-follow )

Your Links are with No-follow Tag Mostly new Blogger Don,t Know about do-follow and no-follow and it,s the Biggest Reason your links are not helping your ranking. So Let,s know about it!
Site Owners Used Two Types of links No-follow and Do-follow which both have Different Impacts on Search Engines.
Do-follow vs No-Follow

No-follow Link Power: No-follow link does not have any Power and don,t Impact Search Engines Ranking they just help to get  Referral traffic from that link But have the Same Impact on Increasing Domain Authority.
Do-follow Links Power: Do-follow links Pass the link Juice from Source Domain which helps to Increase Search Engine Ranking.
If your Building Do-follow Links and Still these are not helping then keep Reading.

(2) Trust of Link Source

Build Links only with Those Sites which are Highly Trusted and are not breaking any Google Rule Like not Publishing Copyright Content and not Selling Links if you Build links with Those sites which are Selling Links then you are in a Big Danger.
if you have recently Built any Link from Low Trusted Sites then use the Google Disavow tool to UN index those links from Google & do the same in the Bing Webmaster Tool.
and if you don,t know which links have low trust then use Majestic Seo Tool which will help to Know the Link Trust and Citation.

(3) Links Location on the Page

Link Location matters a Lot and has Different Powers as I Mention Above in the Impact of Different Types of Backlink.
Most Powerful Location is: Article body

 Article Body Link is Even 10x More Powerful than Author Bio Link.

Medium Power Locations:  Author Bio
Negative Power Locations:  Sidebar, Footer 

(4) Relevance

Search Engine sees the Relevance to Know the Link Quality Like how much it looks Genuine.
Like your Site Niche is Marketing and you are Getting Links from Entertainment Site So Diffidently it,s not Related to your Niche So this type of link even from Highly Reputed Site is Waste of time.

(5) Domain Diversity

Maybe you have not heard much about Domain Diversity Because it,s not Shared Much by Many Sites on Link Building Guides.
Domain Diversity is when you Build Links from the Same Domain Again and Again.
now you know what is Domain Diversity So Getting Links from the Same domain Multiple Times like you get 100 Link from one domain but have you noticed now these links are not helping your Ranking Because Google stops giving value to This Domain link for your Domain.
Building 10 Links From Different Domain is Better than Building 100 links from the Same Domain.
I am Sharing This Because it,s Very Common Some Bloggers Make a List of Some Domains and Build links again and again from these domains via Comments or Guest Posting.
So From Now Stop doing this and especially Don,t make a List of Domains 🙂

(6) Not the Right Anchor Text

Poor Anchor Text
Choosing the Wrong Anchor Text is The Biggest Mistake of Link Building and Anchor Text has some Great Power Choosing Anchor text Correctly Can Increase your Search Ranking as well as Choosing Wrong can destroy your Search Ranking.
So Choose Anchor Text Properly and Remember Don,t Overuse It.
The right way to Use Anchor Text which can help
  1. Exact Match: Anchor text same as your Exact Match Keyword Example: Pro Blogger or Anchor Text with your original Post Title Same as your Post Headline: 5 Pro Tips to Promote Your Blog Post
  2. URL: No Anchor Text Just URL also Works Great and link will Look good to Google Like but choose full URL with HTTP it will make it look like natural Ex
  3. Brand Name: You Can Choose a Brand Name for your Link Anchor Text like my Blog My Brand Name is my Domain Name
  4. Keyword: Targeted Keyword for your Anchor Text Like to Want to Target your Content Marketing Post for Content Marketing Tips then you can use it.
Bonus Tip: Avoid Irrelevant Anchor Text Like your Site is on Health and you are Using Anchor Text Body Building so Don,t do this just for the Sake of traffic it will destroy your Blog Present and Future. 

(7) LIS of the Links

LIS is the Short Form of Link Influence Score and LIS Tells us the Power of the Links and how much these links will help our Search Engines Ranking.

There is a tool that can tell you LIS Score but only after Getting a Link and getting an Index by the indexing bot but Open Link Profiler Indexing is Really Great Let,s have look at Open link Profiler LIS.

Go to it,s Site and Type your Site URL and you will get the LIS of your Recent link Minimum 2 Days old Backlink.

Link Influence Score LIS 

and yes Every Site has a Different Link Influence Score

If you are thinking that if the Site and Content Quality is high then LIS will also be high then you are Wrong not Completely but you are Because LIS is the Score of how much Google trust it,s External Link Score.

and I Have Seen Many Top Sites with not Good LIS Scores but yes Mostly the LIS Score of the Top Sites is Higher.

Bonus Tip

You Don,t Have Quality Content       ( Main Reason )

Your Linked Pages Does does not Provide Quality to Users if you are not Providing Quality Content Then Even Thousands of Backlinks Can,t Help to Rank Higher in Search Engines Because Google, Bing, and Yahoo these major Search Engines are very Strict when it comes to Content Quality.
So First Create Some New Content with High Quality which Provides value to your Site Visitors Rewrite your Old Low-Quality Posts Then Just Build a Few Links and Wait it can Take 15 Days or more time to Give Results.


These are the Must Follow Tips to Build Links that Give Results Super Fast Without Getting Penalty From Google or any Other Search Engines.
Now,s totally Depends on how Deeply you Follow These Steps.
If you want to ask any Questions or Just want to Share your Link Building Experience then Feel free to Leave a Comment.
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  1. Its true that you should not do link exchanges anymore. If you link back to a site that links to you this will bring you into problems!

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