The most exhilarating joy comes when you start your own business and feel like your own boss.

But the big question is, does startup success depend on digital marketing? Many would agree, but many won’t.

Some other big questions also arise in mind how to reach a massive audience, How to make your startup popular, how to drive ROI, how to be successful, and how to fulfill your dreams?

Let’s start with a very basic question.  Does digital marketing help startups?

Digital Marketing Really Helping Startups


As a digital marketer in a Mobile App development company, I would love to say “Yes” if it helps. One thing’s for sure, the capacity to effectively use digital marketing to reach the masses certainly helps startups acquire more customers and skyrocket their business.

Why do startups consider digital marketing and not traditional forms of marketing?

In digital marketing, there are organic ways to grow your consumer base without investing large amounts of money, it is very easy to use and less expensive. A lot can be done with less and smart targeting which leads to less wastage.

The Digital Consumer

These days People are more intelligent tar and are always connected to digital & mobiles. They search and find information on search engines, social media sites, social platforms, blogs, forums, video sites, and more. They will not settle for anything but the best. They spend more time with digital and the quest will not end until they have found maximum value at a good price. This is the biggest reason that digital marketing help startup much more than other mediums of marketing.

Find the Opportunity

Startups use digital marketing strategies because consumers’ digital journey is an opportunity for businesses to generate traffic and sales. With creative marketing and communications and potential audience targeting, startups can and must get exposure to digital marketing.

Start with the Right Digital Marketing Channel

Digital Marketing is a broad term. There are so many channels and techniques and it sometimes gets confusing for startups. So any startup needs to start with the right marketing channel. I suggest you start with your customers before taking on any initiative. A complete understanding of your customers will help you to be a successful startup.

How can digital marketing help my Startup?

Digital marketing helps you in many ways it builds brand awareness and builds huge traffic to your website and apps. This helps you to generate leads and online sales.

Startups always need a budget so there are few techniques and tools that they can use with minimal or no cost. Let’s look at some of these digital marketing tools and how they can help startups.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective technique to rank your website on top of search engines with measurable, long-term benefits. It increases the visibility and organic traffic to the website. You can use this with little knowledge of search engines and their techniques. This is free branding and it builds trust and credibility. A big advantage is that it opens your business 24/7.

very useful marketing tool
Content Marketing: this is a part of digital marketing and this is a very useful marketing tool to generate more traffic on the website, more leads, and build your brand awareness. It relation between you and your current and prospective customers. Publish great and relevant content regularly on your blog and web or app. Set up a blog, tell stories, and work with other publishers to post your content/write-ups.

Social media marketing: is one of the most powerful tools of marketing for any startup or business. It is a cost-effective platform for digital marketing. It engages your product customers. Choose the right social chan for your business – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Email Marketing: is one of the simplest, most cost-effective, personal, Customizable, and measurable high ROI tools of digital marketing. A Startup can use it to communicate with an audience of any size. An email has nearly three times as many users account as Facebook and Twitter combined.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

Note: This is a Guest Post written by Ashish Sharma.

Author Bio:

Ashish Sharma is a Key Account Manager, looking after Marketing Strategies and building new business tie-ups at – A hub of Skilled Mobile App Developers in India. Focused on helping enterprises Startups from domestic to MNCs.

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