As SEO has changed a lot in Recent 3 Years and it,s Become 3X Harder than it was in the past and it is not going to stop here in the future SEO will become tougher, and Only Pro,s and SEO Experts will be able to rank well in Search Engines.

So If you don’t know what Biggest SEO Changes are going to Come in the future then Continue Reading this Post.

              SEO Trends – How SEO Would Be in the Future


(1) Mobile Optimization Will Become More Important

As Mobile users are growing so fast According to ComScore mobile users exceed Desktop users you can see the below Graph.
SEO - Mobile Friendly in 2016
That,s why Google recently make a Mobile Friendly as a Ranking Signal But It,s still don,t had many impacts on sites’ desktop Traffic it will be a Different site,s desktop traffic will also get hit by Google Mobile Friendly Algorithms.
By not making your Site Mobile friendly you are losing Huge traffic to your Site So Make sure your site is Mobile-Friendly before you get too late.
Here is a Tool from Google to help you in checking your site is Mobile Friendly or not
If your site is not Mobile Friendly Then Make it Now (Check out the below Posts)

(2) Site with Structure Data will Rank Better

You may have not yet heard about Structure Data Because it,s not Much Popular as it,s only Followed by Top Bloggers.

So now the question is What is Structure Data?

Well! You may have noticed Sometimes when we search in Google it Shows the Answer to our Questions ( you can See an Example in Below Image )

Structure Data

See the box in the above Image Showing the Example of how Structure Data Look Like when it appears in Search Engines I Think your Organic Traffic will be Triple if Google Start Showing your Post’s Structure Data.

Usually new or Small Blogger Don,t Focus on it because they think it,s not Important and also Because google Show only Top Post,s Structure Data.

But Wait! You Should also Create Structure Data for your Site even if your Site is not much Popular. So First Let me Clear why you should Create it.

Let,s Imagine: You Created an Awesome Post and it,s gone Viral as your Post went viral Now Google will be Interested in Showing that Post Structure Data in their Search which will help you to Double or Even Triple you’re that Post Organic Traffic.

Learn How to Use Structure Data

(3) Manual Link Building will be dead for SEO

Link Building - SEO

No, I am not saying it will be Completely Dead But Most of Our Manual Link Building Ways Stop Working or they will lose their Power Links via Blog Comments, Forums, and Web Directories have lost their Power, and Now these are not as powerful as they were in the Past.

And also Over doing Link Building with above mention ways will cause a Penalty in very Less time So Don,t Waste your time in These ways.

And in a Recent Conference, Google Says Penguin is Going to Roll Out . Real-time Penguin is Coming Soon So now don,t use Spamming ways.

But the Good News is Guest Post Links’ Power is Still Strong and Higher Chance that Guest Post Power will Remain the Same in the future Too.

Few Useful Posts

(4) Outgoing Links will Matter More than Now

Google Use Outbound links to identify what is exactly your Article is about If you Link to a Trusted Source then Google thinks your site is also trusted and when you link a poor article then it Ruins your Reputation in front of both Google and your Site Audience and also Google Down rank that Post in Search.

So must give at least one outbound link to a Trusted site Post that is highly related to your Article it will help your Search Ranking and will increase your Site Reputation.

Tips to give Outbound links

  • Don’t link to Poor Articles
  • Don’t link Duplicate Content
  • Link to a Leading Site in your Niche
  • Don’t do over Outbound linking ( 3 to 4 Link per thousand words is great)

Final Words

These are SEO changes going to come in the Future So Prepare your Site before these SEO Changes Start Rolling and get the most of your traffic from Search Engines.
So What would you say about these SEO Changes? Leave your thought in the Comments.
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