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Many New Users Don,t Know how to Set a Custom Domain in Their Blogger Blog So After Receiving 2 Emails From My Blogging Planet Readers which was Asking About how to Setup Custom Namecheap Domain in Blogger and if you are Planning a Setup a Custom Domain with Blogger then you are at right Place but Remember Buy Domain with NameCheap it,s Better Than Other Domain Providers.

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Why to Setup a Custom Domain in Blogger

Many Bloggers Think Custom Domain is Not important in Blogger but They are wrong it is Important it will make your Blog Address Professional People Will more Likely to Visit your Blog and Custom URL is Easy to Remember and Social Media and Search Engine Like high-Level Custom Domains Like .com, .net or .org So That,s Why you have to Setup a Custom Domain on your Blog.

Why Choose Only NameCheap?

Namecheap is a Very Old Site and They are Providing Their Service Since 2001 without any Scamming you can Trust Namecheap and its very Friendly Live Support Available 24/7 and Prices are Low So That,s why you have to Choose Namecheap.

How to Set up Custom Namecheap Domain in Blogger

Step (1) First of All Create an Account on
For Creating an Account on Namecheap Click on Signup Button and Then fill out a Simple form and Then click on Create Account and Continue.

After Registration Log-in into your Account

Step (2) Then Buy a Domain 

which will cost you around 10 Dollars Per Year you can pay for Domain with Paypal, Credit Card, Visa, Master Card, Google wallet, BitCoin, and American Express.

Step (3) Now Open a New Tab in your Browser Go to and Then go to your Blog Dashboard.
Step (4) Then Click on Setting Click on Basic and Then Click on Set up a Third Party URL for your Blog

Step (5) Then Enter your Custom Domain like and Then Click on Save but it shows an Error with Domain Transferring Codes

Step (6) Now again go back to Namecheap Then Click on Manage Domains

Step (7) Then Click on Domain Which you want to Use in your Blogger Blog

Step (8) Then Click on All Host Records
Which you will find in the Middle of the Left Sidebar.

Step (9) Then you will See a Modify Domain now Here you have to Add Codes which was you Found on Blogger Add These Codes Same as Below Image.

Step (10) Now Scroll Down and Then Click on Save in Namecheap.

Step (11) Now Again go back to Blogger Tabs where you find the codes and now click on Save.

After Save now Visit your Blogger Blog with your Custom URL Examples and your Blog will Open on your Custom URL without any Difficulties.

If you have any Kind of Problem in Setting your Custom Domain you can ask me in the comments I will Happy to Solve your Problems and Please Let me Know if you Like this Post.

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