Google Keyword Planner Tool
Do you wanna know how to Do Proper Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner Tool?
Of course, you do 🙂
Because Google Keyword Planner is Completely Free and Better Than any other Free Keyword Research tool.

What is Google Keyword Planner Tool?

Google Keyword Planner Tool is Own by Google and It,s was Made to help Google Adword Advertisers to Choose the right Keyword for Advertising But it,s also Use for Keyword Research by Blogger and it,s Show Accurate Keyword data and also show,s the Competition and Monthly Searches of that Keyword in Google.
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Why Keyword Research is Important

As we Know in These Day,s  many websites are Launching Daily on your same Niche, and the internet has become most Competitive so It,s very Hard to Rank Our Site on Top and So Keyword Research Helps us to Increase our Chances to Rank our Site on Top for Different Keywords and help to Get Higher Search Engine ranking

How to Use Google Keyword Planner For Keyword Research

For Doing Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner First of all Go to Google Keyword Planner Tool and then Click on Sign in and Then Sign in with your Google Account After Signing in you will Redirect to Google Keyword Planner Research Tool.
Now you will See Four Options to Do Keyword Research in Adword Planner Tool and For Doing Keyword Research First Option is  Search For new Keywords and Ad Group Ideas.
Google Keyword Planner Tool 1
Then you will see This like Below Image
Google Keyword Planner Tool 2
So let’s Start Keyword Research now in the First box which name is your Product or Service add your Keyword and on the Landing Page Type your Blog URL Then in the Product Categories add the Category of your Blog if your Blog is On Health then add Health in the Product Category
Google Keyword Planner Tool 3
Then Now Below you will See also Other Features now Let,s first come Targeting Here is Pic below
Google Keyword Planner Tool 4
In Targeting There are Many Options Available it will Help to Get Targeted Traffic to Your BlogLike your want Traffic from the United then Select United States or you want to target International traffic Then Select International. and then in Language Select language Like My Blog is in English so English and then Select search Engines like I Selected Google and you can also Select Google and Search Partners.
you will Also See Option About keywords But Leave Them These are Not Necessary Now Click on Get Ideas Then you will see a new Page Now First Click on Keyword Ideas.

Google Keyword Planner Tool Data

As you Can in the Image There are Keyword Suggestions with There Monthly Search Traffic and Competition So Now Choose keywords that have Decent monthly Traffic like more than 3000 and Low Competition Because Low Competition will Help your Site to Rank Better in Search Engines but if you have Reputable Blog and you Get a Good Traffic then you can also Choose Medium Competition with Higher Monthly Searches.

That,s It now Place That Keyword in your post title, Meta Description, and also in Post URL to Increase The Chance of Higher Ranking in Search Engines.

Hope it help,s you to Do Proper Keyword Research.

Please do comment and tell me if it works for you to get a higher ranking in Search Engines I will Love to see them

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