Today I will you the Top 5 SEO Mistakes According to Matt Cutts Believe me if You do not Avoid These Five Mistakes Then Your Blog/Site Can not Get Good Results From Search Engines And Search Engine is the Key to Success Highly recommend you Avoid These Mistakes.

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Who is Matt Cutts?

Matt Cutts is Google’s Head of Search Spam Means he and his Team make algorithms That make Site rank Good or Bad on Google he has Recently Tell Top SEO Mistakes we make on Our Blog So Don,t make these Mistakes Again

Top 5 Mistakes According to Matt Cutts

(1) Your Site Can not Be Crawled

Your Site is not Crawl-able or you Don,t Have any Domain Name If You do,t Have a Domain name Then There is nothing to Crawl so Just Get A Domain Name for your Blog/site.

(2) You are Not Using Words People Search For

The second Mistake is Not Including The Right Words on Page People’s Search He Is Just Saying That Give Relevant Information to Your Readers and use Good Title for your Article which is Mostly Search in Search Engines.

(3) Focusing Too Much on Link Building

3rd Mistake According to Matt Cutts is Focusing Mush on Link Building. Do not focus Too much on Building Links Focus on Creating Quality Content Because Good Really Like Those Site That has Quality and Unique Articles and Google Rank Them Better in the Search Engines.

(4) Your Website Has Bad Titles and Descriptions

Pay Close Attention to Your Title and Description Especially on your Homepage try to Choose the best Title and Description and Do Proper Research on Your Post Heading Because good Heading is very Important to Make your Post Viral. 

(5) You Are not Using Webmaster Resources

5th and Last Mistake is You are Not Using Webmaster Resources Provided by Google These are Very Useful Tools Like (Google Webmaster Tool, Google Videos, Webmaster Forum, Search Conference, and Many Others.

Final Words

If you want to Get Success in your Blogging Carrier Then Must Avoid These Mistakes to Higher Rank in Search Engines and Search Engines are the Best Way to Get Success.

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