You might have Visit lots of blogs that Provide Their guides to make your Blog Successful but if you are making mistakes in your blog then how it is possible to make your blog Successful So in This Post I will share Some Top 7 Blogging Mistakes which many New and Even Pro Blogger Makes.

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Top 7 Blogging Mistakes that Every Blogger Should Avoid

(1) Stop Copying Others Content

Stop Copying Others Content

Many new Bloggers copy Others’ Content and then Publish it Own Their Blog Because they don,t want to work Hard They Think by Copying Other,s Content they can make Search Engines and People Fool but hold on it,s not 2006 or 2007 it,s 2015 now Search Engines are more Smarter than you and also Peoples Don,t like to Visit those blogs which don,t have their Original Content So be Smart and Create your Own Unique Content.

(2) Don,t Knowing Your Audience

This is a very Common Mistake Even I have Seen Some Top Bloggers who are making this Mistake and mostly Newbies make this mistake Not knowing your audience can be the Biggest Mistake you have Ever made in Blogging So First try to Know your Audience. you can do this by Analyzing which posts have the most User Engagement or by Reading your blog comments by Giving your Readers the Opportunity to Contact you like by Adding Contact Us Page.

(3) Making Grammar Mistakes

Making Grammar Mistakes in your Posts is also Very Common and to be Frank, even when I Write a Post I Make lots of grammar Mistakes but I Improve them by Reading my whole Post 2 Times before Publishing my Post So you can also do the Same read your Post Again after writing it Before Publishing.
Or you can also Use Grammarly Browser Plugin which will help you to avoid Grammar and Sentence Mistakes while writing your Post.

(4) Doing too Much SEO

Doing too Much SEO

Doing SEO for your Blog is Great but doing it too Much can Damage your Search Engines Ranking So Don,t Focus Too much on it Just Do a Basic SEO for your Blog Doing SEO too much is not a Bad Thing but Doing SEO many Bloggers Target Many Keywords in Single Post which Hurts their Search Engines Ranking so if you are new at SEO then I will Recommend you to Just Focus on Basic SEO.

(5) Building Irrelevant Backlinks

Building Irrelevant Backlinks

Many bloggers Build Lots of Links to increase Their Ranking on Google, Bing E.t.c But Search Engines Don,t See how many backlinks you have. They Only see how many Natural and Quality Backlinks you have So Don,t Focus on Increasing the Numbers of Links Even if I Get an Opportunity to Get  50 Low-Quality Backlinks or 5 High-Quality Backlinks I will Go for 5 High-Quality Backlinks Because those are Powerful

(6) Low-Quality Content

Ah! This is Really the worst Mistake that Every New Blogger Makes Because Search Engines Hate those Sites which have low-Quality Content or Don,t have enough knowledge about their Post topics. So Try to Create Awesome Content you can do this by Doing Proper Research about your topic and by making your Post Long by Having 1000 or more words.

(7) Not Publishing Enough Content

Many Bloggers when Get Bored From Blogging Slow Down and even Don,t Publish One Post a Week to Keep your Blog, Readers, for a Long time you Should Post at-least Once or Twice a Week this will Increase your Fan Following and you will also see a Little Boost in Organic Traffic. 

Last words

By Improving These 7 Blogging Mistakes I am Sure you will see a Big Change in Your Blog Post Engagements and your Follower and Subscribers will Start Increasing and Also you will Get More Love From Top Search Engines and your Visitors 🙂

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