Why Every Business Needs a Blog

We live in a world that develops by leaps and bounds where there is an exuberance of opportunities and tools for your success.

In fact, blogging has become increasingly popular among people who know how to promote online and who are targeted at having money from them. It is extremely strange when business owners complain because of the fact they lack methods of business promotion.

In reality, blogging is one of the best ways to support your business. Only a few companies have considered the opportunity to have a business blog.

But why?

A business blog will increase your website traffic and will bring you, even more, revenue. Of course, if you want great results you will have to spend some time and even money on that but it is worth that! So, every business, especially if it is targeted at e-commerce needs to have a blog.

Here we will give you several reasons for that!

Power Of Blogging

First of all, let’s look at some statistics connected with business blogs. Hope this piece of information will give you an impetus in your endeavor!

  • According to Think Creative research, a small business generates several times more leads if it has a blog than a business that lacks it.
  • Almost 25% of people spend their time surfing the Internet, reading diverse kinds of blogs.
  • Once you create more than 20 posts on your blog, your traffic will surge by 30 %.
  • If customers are interested in the company that produces a product, 68% of them want to read the content published by this company.
  • More than 60 % of people trust the company with the blog.-
  • Almost 80% of the customers are sure that manufacturers/companies with blogs are more interested in long-term relationships with their customers.
  • Businesses that have blogs receive 438% more pages in the search results.

We advise you now to look at some examples of businesses like http://Edubirdie.com that use blogs as support. Now, we hope you see that having a blog is a great advantage that will help your business move forward. Below you will see the reasons.

Why Every Business Needs a Blog – Power Of Blogging

(1) Blog Can help your Business Site Rank well in Search Engines (SEO)

First of all, let’s look at why SEO optimization is important. SEO is the core of Internet success if you want to get more traffic. Search engines rank websites according to the relevance and usefulness of the information they publish. Because of the right SEO usage, your blog may be in the top 3 results on the Google page which will help your promotion and business on the whole.
Blogs are even better than usual websites because they contain lots of links, keywords, and phrases. Messages and feedback in your blog will increase traffic because every new post will be on a different page that will be indexed by Google.

(2) You will show how you respect your customers and give them only valuable information.

While you use your websites as an online store and directly promote your goods and services, when you have a blog you place the interests of the customers in the center of the whole thing.

You need to make sure that the information you publish is topical, interesting, and unique! Your visitors need to be interested in what they read and return to your page again and again. Publish statistics, and results of the research connected with the subject matter of your business.

Dwell on some background stories like how you created your business, what are the obstacles, what you like most about your customers, etc. If the articles you have on your blog are copied or offer the same obvious information, then the readers will lose interest and are unlikely to visit your blog again.

(3) The Blog allows for resolving customers’ problems.

This is a good way to indirectly promote your services/products. Pose a question/problem that your reader may face every day or at times. Then, show our sympathy to them and offer your solution that may include your goods. The blog will help you be more creative and give your brand “new sounding”

(4) Want More Traffic? Provoke your readers to have a nice discussion on a topical issue.

Want More Traffic
Due to the blog, you may start a discussion or pose a question that will trigger further consideration. To hit the nail on the head, carefully read previous messages from your customers, analyze the content and discussions of your competitors, and find the most common concerns and issues that readers like to bring up and discuss.

When you, finally, give answers and solutions to questions and problems, you show your concern and respect to your valuable readers and customers. That will definitely help your business prosper!

(5) Share your experience and details from your professional life.

When you become open to the audience, you establish a rapport with them and become closer to the readers. Tell funny stories from your career life, a hilarious anecdote, or a touching story of your customer. Tell how you conduct your combined business and your personal life, a perplexing challenge, etc. People love intimate stories and will appreciate that!

(6) Make the structure of the post

Always be clear and correct in your spelling, grammar, and style. Divide your post into several paragraphs. You always need to grab your reader’s attention and thus have some provocative sentences at the beginning. A call for action would also be appropriate but at times. Never publish useless words. Make conclusions.


When people buy products they need to know for whom they buy things. They need to trust the company ad to be sure of the quality. Your business blog will show your concern about your customers, their needs, and interests. Blog instills trust in your clients. In addition, a blog increases traffic (if you have a website) and helps you have leading positions in Google.
Wish you good luck, a creative approach to your business, and never give up! Be the change that you want to see in the world.

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